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Atheist Airwaves #12: Swing on Me, Salvation Army!

Jay Guerrero, Petey Alfaro, Christian Ferris, and Sara Keefer talk about Ronald Reagan’s atheism, Satanists putting up a monument at the Oklahoma City Courthouse, the child who sued the school in Missouri over separation...


Atheist Airwaves #9: Hate First!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer and Mark Mathias discuss Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s decision to strip benefits from all National Guardsmen rather than allow same-sex couples to receive benefits, This Week In Religious...


Atheist Airwaves #7: HAIL SAGAN!

Christian Ferris, Joshua Byerly, Jay Guerrero, and Leslie Sessions discuss the Kentucky runner who wouldn’t run with the number 666, a Jesuit priest and conservative Catholics freak out that the Pope seemingly leans left,...


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