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#63: Seidelgasm

Marlo Thomas corrects the Today Show about the work her hospital does: It’s science not magic! HBO hires 160 lawyers to gear up for a movie about Scientology, Oklahoma City Satanist wimps out again, an...

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#49: Kevin Bacon Killed Everyone

Oklahoma City Archbishop sues Satanists to free his magic crackers, Richard Dawkins claims it would be immoral not to abort a fetus with Down Syndrome, the Louisiana Tea Party opposes common core math standards...

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#34: Waterboarding Babies

John Oliver takes on climate change deniers, Roanoke County Virginia says non-Christians are not welcome, a Florida man wants to give a Satanic prayer at his town council meeting, a teenager is thrown out...

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Atheist Airwaves #21: Smoking Math

Stephen Fry takes down Uganda’s ‘Minister of Ethics and Integrity’, we SORT OF got hate mail, no – your thoughts DO NOT change physical objects, another snake handling pastor dies – guess how, Bill...


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