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Atheist Airwaves #14: Body Slamming Infants!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer and Luz Lumb – with amazing microphone help from Quizmaster Adrian – discuss psychic predictions for 2013 (mostly fail), acupuncture exposed as pseudoscience, a Saudi blogger faces the...


Atheist Airwaves #9: Hate First!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer and Mark Mathias discuss Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s decision to strip benefits from all National Guardsmen rather than allow same-sex couples to receive benefits, This Week In Religious...


Atheist Airwaves #2: Booga Booga

Joshua Byerly, Christian Ferris, Leslie Sessions and Amanda Stephens talk about dating believers, college students abandoning religion, why Mother Theresa sucks, fun moments in weird Pope history, the psychic arrested and convicted for fraud,...


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