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Atheist Airwaves #24: Porn Demons

Apologies for the delay in releasing the recording on this one and huge thanks to Leslie Sessions for saving the day by reconstituting the audio from 2,000+ out of order audio files! She is...


Atheist Airwaves #18: Bouncy House Big Ride

Topics include the Unruly Mob abortion rights rally in Austin, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers crafts hilarious legislation to force churches to pay taxes, Republican Congressman complains about freedom of religion protecting Muslims from...


Atheist Airwaves #17: Numeration

A trans woman dares a bible quoting town councilman to stone her to death, humanity is becoming increasingly less violent EXCEPT for religious violence, two muslim men are convicted of beheading a soldier, women...


Atheist Airwaves #11: Hobophobia!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer, and Leslie Sessions discuss Metallica in Antarctica, Louie Gohmert thinks god will protect your country if you are Christian (want to bet if he’s right?), Rush Limbaugh denounces...


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