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#123: High-G Orgasm Experience

Carly Fiorina tells an atheist that atheists aren’t being harmed by Christians but Christians are totally being coerced into not practicing their religion.. totally, the pope has decided that priests can now kiss women’s...


#108: Creepy Felon Farmer Fetish

Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco joins us to talk about his experience utilizing the technique to have more productive and honest conversations with believers, the Pope calls people who don’t want priests molesting their children...


#97: Satanic Dance Party

Subscribe to the show via iTunes! We discuss Donald Trump’s imperviousness to offending right wing Christians and whether that includes mocking communion, The Satanic Temple makes attendees sign their souls over to Satan in...


#77: Thou Shalt Not Quote Turpin

Jimmy Kimmel Live! does a vaccination PSA, Ben Carson ‘proves’ homosexuality is a choice, a man who headbutted his plate while praying at Applebee’s can’t sue, the US Department of Justice hired an Imam...


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