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#118: Muslim Hulks

Subscribe to our audio podcast with most podcatchers including: Stitcher iTunes Sarah Palin suggests that only terrorists would be worse candidates for president than atheists, Christians pull down nativity scenes in Texas, Black Baby...


#79: Homoerotic Jesus

This week we talk about how Jesus is causing a mega-drought in California and how you and a (small) number of your buddies can protect yourself from it, school children are banned from viewing...


#73: Jay’s Measles Party

We discuss measles, measles and more measles, the AHA loses their bid to get rid of ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance, Ken ‘Ol Kev’ Ham sues the state of Kentucky over being...


#54: Bukkake Baptism

Memphis FREAKS OUT because American Atheists are coming to town, Orthodox Jews FREAK OUT because they have to sit next to women on a plane,  a Sufi holy man FREAKS OUT when his attempt...


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