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#93: Death Suggestion

We discuss Christian and Fox News’ reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, the pastor who threatened to set himself on fire if marriage equality became law of the land, an Orthodox...


#62: Beating Up High School Kids

SUPPORT OUR SHOW! Get free weekly content by contributing just $1 an episode! iTunes Link Stitcher Link A New Jersey teen bravely supports “under god” in the pledge of allegiance on Fox News, Texas...


#54: Bukkake Baptism

Memphis FREAKS OUT because American Atheists are coming to town, Orthodox Jews FREAK OUT because they have to sit next to women on a plane,  a Sufi holy man FREAKS OUT when his attempt...


#44: Sin Supernova

Jay got hate mail! A metric ton of hate mail! Yay! We discuss the refugee crisis on the South Texas border and how Atheist Airwaves helped out last weekend, a British right winger threatens...


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