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#128: We Are All Sodomites

A New York pastor doubles down on sodomite semen in Starbucks coffee while his church is foreclosed on, a Catholic priest goes viral snorting cocaine amidst his Nazi memorabilia, Donald Trump says he will...


#95: Whack-A-Bigot

Subscribe to the show via iTunes! Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin can’t name the three branches of government (psst, you’re missing the one you sit in) but that won’t stop her from not complying with...


#85: Pinky & The Brain Terrorists

A California megachurch takes over their local public school board, terrorists attack a Muhammed cartoon contest event in Texas, an Australia boy dies as a result of alternative medical treatment that you just won’t...


#83: Andrew Seidel vs. The Forces of Evil

Bill O’Reilly claims that Christians are being ‘verbally’ killed – marking a whole new low for the rampant Christian persecution complex in the United States, Christians in Tennessee are furious after swingers found a...


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