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#104: #PrayForF*cks

A Muslim flight attendant is suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to customers, Mike Huckabee doesn’t understand how the laws in the United States work despite wanting to be President, a Pittsburgh school removes...


#82: Ebola-Thon

We discuss Mike Huckabee and his claims that the United States is a Secular Theocracy (WTF DOES THAT MEAN?!), Atheist Ireland dissociates itself from PZ Myers, a school nurse refuses to treat a student...


#71: Yoga Pants and Buicks

Ophelia Benson joins us to discuss her book “Does God Hate Women?” We give away a t-shirt to a listener from www.ReasonistProducts.com! We also discuss the most bad ass atheist you’ve ever heard of,...


#56: Zhang LaDong: PORN STAR!

Christian and Amanda take first place in the great Atheist Airwaves Expedition contest (OF COURSE), we talk about a whole lot of porn including the death knell of anti-pornography groups in the United States,...


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