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#91: Chris Johnson – He Has a Degree Dammit!

Subscribe via iTunes! Chris Johnson, director and photographer of “A Better Life” the film and the book joins us for a conversation. We also discuss a Christian losing her scholarship to a public university...


#65: Cultist Hipsters

A random Christian stumbles into our chatroom and straight onto the show to discuss why we’re atheists and why he’s a Christian, The Daily Show hits Dan Barker and the Freedom From Religion Foundation,...


#48: Pillow Pants

Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets all Christian persecution complexy on us, the Navy takes the bible out, they put the bible in, they do the hokey pokey and Andrew Seidel messes everyone up; FFRF FTW.  We...


#44: Sin Supernova

Jay got hate mail! A metric ton of hate mail! Yay! We discuss the refugee crisis on the South Texas border and how Atheist Airwaves helped out last weekend, a British right winger threatens...


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