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#121: Dick Move, Jesus

A church brawl ensues after a priest refuses to quit his job despite being caught stealing money from the church, Tennessee Christians thank Jesus for taking the wheel and driving them straight into a...


#102: Crazy With a Side of Catholic

Bill O’Reilly claims that every single mass shooter in the past 40 years has been an atheist…. seriously. Josh Duggar goes back to the same kind of nonsense Christian therapy retreat that didn’t work...


#101: I Hate This Show

A strange, strange theist chides Reverend Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, an arrest warrant is issued for a priest who allegedly planted a hidden camera to catch...


#95: Whack-A-Bigot

Subscribe to the show via iTunes! Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin can’t name the three branches of government (psst, you’re missing the one you sit in) but that won’t stop her from not complying with...


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