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#120: Human Trafficking is Not Funny

A right-wing Christian decries the evils of Hinduism and yoga and advocates outlawing both, we discuss how the militia in Oregon could be better criminals, our review of “Rubai” a short film about a...


#115: Cair Bairs

Subscribe to our audio podcast with most podcatchers including: Stitcher iTunes Did ABC just manufacture an anti-atheist controversy? We discuss the Planned Parenthood shooting and (sorry) Joshua Feuerstein’s anti-Planned Parenthood video, the Bible Belt...


#75: Kid Tested, Crackpot Approved

Author and blogger Greta Christina joins us to discuss her new book “Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing To Do With God”, we discuss the first legal gay marriage in Texas and the...


#64: Establishment Claw

Bill Donahue explains why atheists are completely insane, an American teacher is assassinated by ISIS, ebola fears bring female genital mutilation to a stand still in Sierra Leone, the pastor who helped craft the Uganda Kill...


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