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#83: Andrew Seidel vs. The Forces of Evil

Bill O’Reilly claims that Christians are being ‘verbally’ killed – marking a whole new low for the rampant Christian persecution complex in the United States, Christians in Tennessee are furious after swingers found a...


#77: Thou Shalt Not Quote Turpin

Jimmy Kimmel Live! does a vaccination PSA, Ben Carson ‘proves’ homosexuality is a choice, a man who headbutted his plate while praying at Applebee’s can’t sue, the US Department of Justice hired an Imam...


#74: Kansas – Hell Yeah!

We discuss Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s inability to answer whether or not he accepts evolution, we discuss the three muslim students who were slain by an atheist in North Carolina, a Montana Republican tries...


#65: Cultist Hipsters

A random Christian stumbles into our chatroom and straight onto the show to discuss why we’re atheists and why he’s a Christian, The Daily Show hits Dan Barker and the Freedom From Religion Foundation,...


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