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#128: We Are All Sodomites

A New York pastor doubles down on sodomite semen in Starbucks coffee while his church is foreclosed on, a Catholic priest goes viral snorting cocaine amidst his Nazi memorabilia, Donald Trump says he will...


#117: Two Drink Limit, Obi-Wan!

Subscribe to our audio podcast with most podcatchers including: Stitcher iTunes STAR WARS! Melissa Harris Perry claims Darth Vader is racist, a school ‘punishes’ a student for wearing a Star Wars shirt, a Christian...


#113: The More THEY Know

A local Corpus Christi Atheist submits a complaint to the FFRF about a local library’s promotion of Christianity, Christians in Port Neches, TX rally to keep a ginormous cross on government land and rip...


#107: Tiny Little Bastards

Christians in Prosper County, Texas are kind of a-holes, we put the women’s razors debate to bed, a gunman in Oregon DID NOT target Christians for execution, New Zealand says no to Jedis, Christians...


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