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#154: Donald Trump Explained

Dr. Darrel Ray joins us to explain the intersection of evangelicals and Donald Trump as only he can. -Leslie Byerly, Christian Ferris, Heather Schafer, Reb Spence.


#128: We Are All Sodomites

A New York pastor doubles down on sodomite semen in Starbucks coffee while his church is foreclosed on, a Catholic priest goes viral snorting cocaine amidst his Nazi memorabilia, Donald Trump says he will...


#121: Dick Move, Jesus

A church brawl ensues after a priest refuses to quit his job despite being caught stealing money from the church, Tennessee Christians thank Jesus for taking the wheel and driving them straight into a...


#97: Satanic Dance Party

Subscribe to the show via iTunes! We discuss Donald Trump’s imperviousness to offending right wing Christians and whether that includes mocking communion, The Satanic Temple makes attendees sign their souls over to Satan in...


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