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#112: Literal Heads Exploding

We discuss Starbucks’ new war on Christians, the Colorado Mayor who defended their Ten Commandments monument apparently forgets the ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ bit, a study finds that religious children are less generous than...


#79: Homoerotic Jesus

This week we talk about how Jesus is causing a mega-drought in California and how you and a (small) number of your buddies can protect yourself from it, school children are banned from viewing...


#32: Persecution Porn

Coming out as as atheist, a professor goes nuts on campus preachers, Oklahoma’s “Totally Not Proselytizing” Bible class totally is, Virginia Christians are starving themselves to death over gay marriage – or not, North...


Atheist Airwaves #16: Space Docking

The great Bill Maher Ticket Giveaway begins! Email the answers to the questions with your name and location to god@atheistairwaves.com to enter the drawing! A Fox commentator calls for satanists to be executed, Texas...


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