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#107: Tiny Little Bastards

Christians in Prosper County, Texas are kind of a-holes, we put the women’s razors debate to bed, a gunman in Oregon DID NOT target Christians for execution, New Zealand says no to Jedis, Christians...


#89: A Christian Army of Adopted Babies

We discuss American Atheists’ Dave Silverman appearance on Fox News to discuss Christian bigotry, Christians adopting children to swell their ranks, young people today are the least religious generation in the history of this...


#76: It’s Christian Season!

We discuss listener mail regarding religion in government hospitals and LGBTQ equality, Ben Carson says science is propaganda that can only be defeated by religion, a majority of Republicans want to obliterate the Bill...


#54: Bukkake Baptism

Memphis FREAKS OUT because American Atheists are coming to town, Orthodox Jews FREAK OUT because they have to sit next to women on a plane,  a Sufi holy man FREAKS OUT when his attempt...


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