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#135: The God Conduit

We talk to a former member of Corpus Christi Atheists who resigned from our organization after finding god, an Alabama preacher thinks sex is always bad and can make you stupid and homeless, and...


#73: Jay’s Measles Party

We discuss measles, measles and more measles, the AHA loses their bid to get rid of ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance, Ken ‘Ol Kev’ Ham sues the state of Kentucky over being...


#60: Eine Minuten Bitte!

SUPPORT OUR SHOW! Get free weekly content by contributing just $1 an episode! iTunes Link Stitcher Link A Catholic priest is awarded the prestigious Carl Sagan Medal, Alabama is afraid of Shariah Law and...


#56: Zhang LaDong: PORN STAR!

Christian and Amanda take first place in the great Atheist Airwaves Expedition contest (OF COURSE), we talk about a whole lot of porn including the death knell of anti-pornography groups in the United States,...


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