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#74: Kansas – Hell Yeah!

We discuss Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s inability to answer whether or not he accepts evolution, we discuss the three muslim students who were slain by an atheist in North Carolina, a Montana Republican tries...


#73: Jay’s Measles Party

We discuss measles, measles and more measles, the AHA loses their bid to get rid of ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance, Ken ‘Ol Kev’ Ham sues the state of Kentucky over being...


#68: That Ankle, Though

Troy University Chancellor disparages atheists in a Christmas email to all students and faculty, a Florida man flips his lid after his girlfriend makes a terrible prophecy, a pastor and a custodian have a...


#63: Seidelgasm

Marlo Thomas corrects the Today Show about the work her hospital does: It’s science not magic! HBO hires 160 lawyers to gear up for a movie about Scientology, Oklahoma City Satanist wimps out again, an...


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