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#84: Nom Your Mom

Bill Nye and Barack Obama talk climate change, a local mega church promotes noming your mom, we discuss listener mail, Mecca’s first ‘halal’ sex shop, Catholic school girls are warned about sex and their...


#56: Zhang LaDong: PORN STAR!

Christian and Amanda take first place in the great Atheist Airwaves Expedition contest (OF COURSE), we talk about a whole lot of porn including the death knell of anti-pornography groups in the United States,...


#36: Slitorus

Another group of terrorists blow themselves up, Coty Coots gets bitten by the snakes he’s handling (like father like son), a Catholic Priest is arrested for exposing himself at a gas station (shockingly enough...


Atheist Airwaves #18: Bouncy House Big Ride

Topics include the Unruly Mob abortion rights rally in Austin, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers crafts hilarious legislation to force churches to pay taxes, Republican Congressman complains about freedom of religion protecting Muslims from...


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