Atheist AIrwaves A no-filter look at current news and issues facing atheists and the atheist community.


Atheist Airwaves #12: Swing on Me, Salvation Army!

Jay Guerrero, Petey Alfaro, Christian Ferris, and Sara Keefer talk about Ronald Reagan’s atheism, Satanists putting up a monument at the Oklahoma City Courthouse, the child who sued the school in Missouri over separation...


Atheist Airwaves #11: Hobophobia!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer, and Leslie Sessions discuss Metallica in Antarctica, Louie Gohmert thinks god will protect your country if you are Christian (want to bet if he’s right?), Rush Limbaugh denounces...


Atheist Airwaves #10: Get This Baby a Baptism – STAT!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer, and Justin Quintanilla discuss news impacting the atheist community.  Topics include: Secular Directory Running National Radio Ads Atheist Documentary Рdonation opportunity New Braunfels Has...


Atheist Airwaves #9: Hate First!

Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Sara Keefer and Mark Mathias discuss Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s decision to strip benefits from all National Guardsmen rather than allow same-sex couples to receive benefits, This Week In Religious...


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