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#57: PZ Myers: Disemboweling Undergrads

We are joined by evolutionary developmental biologist, blogger and atheist activist PZ Myers – author of the book The Happy Atheist.  We also talk about the Mayor of Houston filing subpoenas for preachers’ sermons,...


#56: Zhang LaDong: PORN STAR!

Christian and Amanda take first place in the great Atheist Airwaves Expedition contest (OF COURSE), we talk about a whole lot of porn including the death knell of anti-pornography groups in the United States,...


#55: Somalian Speed Dating

SUPPORT OUR SHOW! Get free weekly content by contributing just $1 an episode: iTunes Link: Stitcher Link: We discuss Sam Harris and Bill Maher vs. Ben Affleck, a ton of follow...


#54: Bukkake Baptism

Memphis FREAKS OUT because American Atheists are coming to town, Orthodox Jews FREAK OUT because they have to sit next to women on a plane,  a Sufi holy man FREAKS OUT when his attempt...


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