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#59: Two Plaques, One School

SUPPORT OUR SHOW! Get free weekly content by contributing just $1 an episode! iTunes Link Stitcher Link Midlothian Texas parents want more Jesus in their government and schools, Raelians do DNA testing on Catholic...


#58: Atheist Analysis Halloween Show

It’s our second annual Halloween Show with the guys from Atheist Analysis!  We talk about ebola victims giving credit to god, Kirk Cameron raging against Halloween, 10 Ways Christian Today urges Christians to engage...


#57: PZ Myers: Disemboweling Undergrads

We are joined by evolutionary developmental biologist, blogger and atheist activist PZ Myers – author of the book The Happy Atheist.  We also talk about the Mayor of Houston filing subpoenas for preachers’ sermons,...


#56: Zhang LaDong: PORN STAR!

Christian and Amanda take first place in the great Atheist Airwaves Expedition contest (OF COURSE), we talk about a whole lot of porn including the death knell of anti-pornography groups in the United States,...


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