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#94: Jim Carrey’s Butt Cheeks

A Bishop explains that hell was invented by the church to control people, Tom Cruise is reportedly leaving the Church of Scientology, Latif Siddique makes bail after criticizing Islam and angers Muslims all over...

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#93: Death Suggestion

We discuss Christian and Fox News’ reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, the pastor who threatened to set himself on fire if marriage equality became law of the land, an Orthodox...

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#92: Dead Baby Noises

Fox News reports that the racist shooting in Charleston, SC was an attack on faith (of course), the woman who led to the shooter being caught says god used her as a tool, Alan...

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#91: Chris Johnson – He Has a Degree Dammit!

Subscribe via iTunes! Chris Johnson, director and photographer of “A Better Life” the film and the book joins us for a conversation. We also discuss a Christian losing her scholarship to a public university...


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