Author: Christian Ferris


#105: Snip and Suck

It’s our two year anniversary! Sara Keefer and Jay Guerrero join us on the show again to celebrate – and Jay manages to say enough offensive things that I can’t bleep or edit out....


#104: #PrayForF*cks

A Muslim flight attendant is suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to customers, Mike Huckabee doesn’t understand how the laws in the United States work despite wanting to be President, a Pittsburgh school removes...


#103: FFRF BFF

Rick Perry calls on Christians to fight and die (presumably to oppose rights for gay people), a Texas county has a religious and political test for all hires, a Tennessee man murders his wife...


#102: Crazy With a Side of Catholic

Bill O’Reilly claims that every single mass shooter in the past 40 years has been an atheist…. seriously. Josh Duggar goes back to the same kind of nonsense Christian therapy retreat that didn’t work...


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