#84: Nom Your Mom

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  1. Scot McDonald says:

    Oh uh its me again. Formerly known as Scot from Wisconsin I have legally changed my name to The First Calm and Reasonable Person on the Internet Sr.

    So in my last message I may have done a poor job in explaining my preference to the Humanist label instead of feminist. Living in the US as a white male I see women as closer in equality to men than say a black or Hispanic man is to a white man. As we all know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I am not trying to divert efforts away from women’s equality by recognizing that some groups have it worse than others.

    I take your point that not using the term feminism can be looked at as not being as laser focused on fixing one issue. If you are raising money for a charity that cures a specific disease like HPV the money you raise would maker a larger impact on that specific problem as opposed having a NPR style fundraiser to “Stop people from dying”. Sure that is a good cause but who is going to get boots on the ground (or as FOX says boob’s on the ground sorry I couldn’t pass it up) support for such a unspecified and unrealistic goal.

    I do like how you unintentionally helped to make my point by moving from women’s rights to the riots in Baltimore. As a fellow American citizen do you see it as more important to stand up for womens rights or racial equality? Do you need to pick one? Do you need to take on the title of feminist in order to do good for the womens rights movement? Do you need to take on the title of (I do not even know what the term would be) not a bigoted asshole in order to do good for racial equality.
    In the end the terms we use are meaningless if they are not followed by action.

    I look forward to a your revocation of your previous praise of my rationality which will be promptly followed by a rage quit from the internet with the exception of Youtube. Yes that is how the youtube commenters are born.

    The First Calm and Reasonable Person on the Internet Sr. from Wisconsin

    • Christian Ferris says:

      I think you obviously don’t have to choose one, but if I was talking about a womens’ issue and someone asked how I felt I would say straight up that my identity is as a feminist. If we were talking about a gay rights issue I wouldn’t say I’m a humanist I would say I’m an ally, etc. etc. I know humanists who don’t know what humanist means which is why I pretty much only ever call myself a humanist if we’re talking about morality in general.. or if I’m an a Humanist meeting. 🙂 And yes, I think using the term ‘ally’ and ‘feminist’ explicitly helps those causes.

      I don’t think we need to give birth to a baby youtuber just yet. 🙂

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