#82: Ebola-Thon

We discuss Mike Huckabee and his claims that the United States is a Secular Theocracy (WTF DOES THAT MEAN?!), Atheist Ireland dissociates itself from PZ Myers, a school nurse refuses to treat a student who wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, evangelicals hate atheists and they hate them even more after listening to clergy or right wing politicians, we discuss “How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian”, Bill Maher and Fareed Zakaria clash over how to address Islam, and former Congressman Barney Frank tells atheist politicians to stay in the closet.

– Liz Creme, Christian Ferris, Leslie Sessions, Ryan Trexler.

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4 Responses

  1. Scot McDonald says:

    I wanted to chime in on the discussion about people wanting to distance themselves from the feminism label. I personally consider myself to hold feminist values. However if I were in a discussion with someone and I saw any type of discrimination which would elicit me having to define my stance I would rather use the term humanist. Humanist is an all encompassing term. So while some people may draw the connection with the preference to using agnostic rather than atheist to soften the blow I do not see them as equivalent though.
    There has been damage done by a small vocal group of feminists going back decades and including but by no means limited to PZ and those with at FTB. The term feminist meaning to many is the opposite of the actual definition in very much a similar way as atheist to many means I hate god. To many (including my wife) feminists are people who hate men and want reparations for past wrongs. (I should add that my wife and I do not share the same opinion on nearly any political or philosophical subject.)
    I feel that using humanist as opposed to feminists side steps the issue while accomplishing the same goal of equal treatment for all. Many will say that in order to obtain equality for women you need to redeem the term feminism but I do feel this is true.
    I am interested in hearing what your take is on this.
    Scot from Wisconsin (feel free to use this on air including my name)

    • Christian Ferris says:

      Thanks for the note, Scot. I am usually skeptical when people say they reject a label because of some small group they don’t like who also use it. Especially when I think I see far more damage being done to the label ‘feminist’ by actual misogynists – they’ve been very successful in that regard.

      PZ Myers also calls himself a humanist and certainly we could agree that his feminism is also informed by his humanism, but you don’t shy away from THAT label so I’m skeptical that this is really the sum total reason for your position. And I’m not accusing you of misrepresenting your position, I just think there may be more to how you feel about it than you are aware.

      “To many (including my wife) feminists are people who hate men and want reparations for past wrongs.”

      And that is incorrect. If you know people who are feminists who believe this they are not feminists definitionally. This is not a no true scotsman fallacy – you are NOT an abolitionist if you are FOR slavery. I will also note that many theists have told me that they equate atheists with satan worshipers – at no point does this mean I should allow THEIR misconceptions to determine MY identity. The second you start running from people who don’t understand your identity you will never STOP running from them.

      We have a new woman on the show on Tuesday so we’ll see what the n00b thinks. 🙂 Thanks again for the note.

  2. Rosalie says:

    The study that showed that the part of the brain that lights up when people were describing what ‘god’ thought/wanted was the SAME part that showed what that person’s own personal beliefs were makes it all clear to me why Christians are so affronted by Atheists. They perceive atheists as denying the existence, of ‘them’. . . their most primal selves. Many sci-fi stories talk scenarios where ‘not believing in’ something/someone causes it to cease to exist. Think Tinker Bell.

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