#77: Thou Shalt Not Quote Turpin

Jimmy Kimmel Live! does a vaccination PSA, Ben Carson ‘proves’ homosexuality is a choice, a man who headbutted his plate while praying at Applebee’s can’t sue, the US Department of Justice hired an Imam who wanted to execute Ayaan Hirsi Ali for leaving Islam, a Texas High School principal is recorded reading the bible during morning announcements, religious charities are preventing raped children from accessing emergency contraception, Pope Francis is more loved by atheists than many religionists (WTF?), a woman is ejected from her truck, through a stained glass window and into a pew at church (miracle!), and angry conservatives want to cut the head off of a councilwoman who opposes ‘In God We Trust’ display.

-Christian Ferris, Jeff Grime, Amanda Stephens, Ryan Trexler.

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2 Responses

  1. George in Michigan says:

    I was listening to your podcast episode #77 when you discussed a message from “Scott” about Dr. Ben Carson. You quoted Scott as saying “Some people ask him: How can you be a scientist, a surgeon. . .? I had to write to you.

    Dr. Carson is not a scientist. He is, reportedly, a talented neurosurgeon but that does not make him a scientist. Rather it makes him a very good “bio-mechanic”. He can wield a scalpel with the best of them. I suspect he can interpret an MRI or CT scan competently also. However, an understanding of how the brain evolved or knowing the latest research on consciousness is not a requirement to do his job. At no point is he exercising the scientific method. He is merely putting into practice what medical and biological researchers have discovered over many years of patient research and testing of hypotheses.

    I am sick of hearing anyone with a degree which required him/her to take some science classes described as a scientist. (I have a B.S. in Chemistry, I am not a scientist.) Most engineers, doctors, and meteorologists are not scientists. Very few doctors outside of universities or research laboratories are engaged in any actual research.

    The correct question for Dr. Carson would have been: Given all the science classes you have taken and presumably passed that were required for your degree, you still reject basic scientific principles. Why should we give your opinions on science any credibility?

    • Christian Ferris says:

      Thanks for the note, George. I think the point you bring up is a good one, and I’ll mention it on the air tomorrow. However, I also want to be fair to Scott – it wasn’t our listener who asked “How can you be a scientist, a surgeon..?” He was quoting Ben Carson who said that of himself. Because he’s a giant idiot. 🙂 Thanks, again!

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