#66: Vasectomy Money Shot

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  1. Michelle King says:

    After listening to this podcast and to address specifically, the letter from Nick, I was appalled by the nurse’s comments to him. In certain non-federal medical facilities this behavior by staff members is sadly acceptable and legal, to include displaying crosses and other religious idols and symbols, but this is not the case at a VA.
    I was an attending physician for many years at a local VA in east TN and in other states; even as an atheist (which is irrelevant at a Federal institution), I sat through many hours of mandatory Federal training on this very subject. This sort of conduct is not appropriate, and the nurse would have had the same training that I had. All employees are required to suffer through it, which is scheduled throughout the year. Perhaps she simply didn’t understand that that the presented material during those training hours applied to her.
    Where I currently volunteer (which is a non-Federal institution, and therefore not under the same guidelines), staff members may approach and openly discuss (to the point of proselytizing) their religion with patients, as well as display symbols, idols, etc at the institution. I thought you might find this to be interesting contrasting information with respect to the VA letter; I certainly did, as far as religion in evidence-based medical practice.
    As an aside, thanks for reminding me of the Mass incident at the Chanukkah menorah lighting from last year. I’d forgotten all about that, and you’re description of the incident was hysterical. Great job, folks!

    Thank you and sincerely,
    Michelle R. King, M.D.

  2. Michelle King says:

    P.S.: One final thought: I would recommend Dr. Darryl Ray’s books (“The God Virus”, Sex and God”, etc), and his podcasts, “secular sexuality” for more information on pornography, masturbation, religion, guilt, and so forth, in the event that anyone hasn’t already heard of his work.
    Sorry about the length.

    • Christian Ferris says:

      Thanks so much for the comments! I’ll share this info on our show next Tuesday! We’ve read Sex and God and listen to Secular Sexuality. I think we’ll be reading The God Virus for the show and have Dr. Ray back on in a couple of months!

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