#61: Pastor Chair Dick Pics

Crazy Christian lady of Monster Energy Drink fame interrupts a Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral, a school gives students a questionable quiz on Islam, a Texas senator proposes another ‘License to Discriminate’ bill, an Alaska town may be the first in the United States to tax its churches, a public school deletes all religious holidays from its calendar, a pastor gets an extra tough sentence for seeking sex with a minor, a school district is considering a ban on distribution of religious materials now that the Satanists are trying to hand out their coloring books, a Colorado high school bans a student prayer group, grandparents threaten to sue a school for allegedly disallowing their student to read the bible in class, meanwhile the bible edges out Origin of Species as the most important book ever in the UK, and a second grader is stopped from handing out Jesus literature in class.

– Arturo Alfaro, Christian Ferris, Reb Spence, Susan Turpin.

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