#60: Eine Minuten Bitte!

A Catholic priest is awarded the prestigious Carl Sagan Medal, Alabama is afraid of Shariah Law and they’re super dumb as well, a Pakistani couple burned to death after accidentally burning pages of the Quran, a police officer in Pakistan executes a blasphemer in his cell, the Catholic church in Norway has been defrauding the government by inflating their numbers, the Catholic archdiocese of Chicago releases documents detailing 36 more child raping priest coverups, how religion played in the midterm elections, the Nones aren’t voting, a poll worker is ousted for saying ‘god bless you’ to voters, Ohio is undermining the teaching of evolution in public schools, Arizona schools are literally ripping pages out of biology textbooks, a 30 year old dies after a visit to a chiropractor.

– Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Reb Spence, Susan Turpin.

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