#86: Laughing At Labia

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Anding says:

    Re: Rendering to Caesar as it Were


    I was visiting with one of my former college professors a few days ago, and the subject came up. As I had some, three, classes with some writing assignments I thought were bunk I struggled with them a while before I figured it out. I gave them exactly what I thought the instructor wanted or thought his or his opinion was– Bingo — A in each class. All b.s., but got an A and moved on, a lesson well beyond college.

    Robert from the UU Humanist group

    • Christian Ferris says:

      We’re going to talk about this again a little bit tomorrow, I think. Do you think there was value in the BS assignment..? That’s what I’ve been pondering since the show last week – I think there is value in exploring points of view that are not explicitly your own, but I wonder if there is value in merely trying to figure out what a person wants to hear and then regurgitating it… I mean, other than learning how to suck up effectively to people in power. 🙂

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