#51: Let’s Hit Stephen Hawking

*Apologies for the audio artifacts – Christian is an idiot and we had to pull the audio from the Ustream feed. D:

Pat Robertson tells an 80 year old woman not to stop giving more than 10% of her income to the church but instead to get a job and sell all of her things if she can’t pay her bills, the atheist who refused to stand for a city council prayer and the pledge wins plus a new Pledge of Allegiance campaign from the American Humanist Association, a Saudi atheist loses his appeal and will be imprisoned for 10 years and receive 1000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam’, children sent home from school for having religious hair, Canada is SUPER messed up (find out why), a Grand Ayatollah issues a fatwa against 3G internet, an Irish Bishop says an LGBT center will cause harm to the poor, there are more atheists than you can count going to Harvard this year, Indiana’s governor says the world’s worst Christian sculpture can stay in an Indiana park and Stephen Hawking tells us how to destroy the universe.

-Jay Guerrero, Petey Alfaro, Christian Ferris, Susan Turpin

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