#48: Pillow Pants

Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets all Christian persecution complexy on us, the Navy takes the bible out, they put the bible in, they do the hokey pokey and Andrew Seidel messes everyone up; FFRF FTW.  We discuss three common ‘mistakes’ atheists make, religiosity hits an all time low (!), LGBT Americans are basically THE least religious demographic of all, a ‘science’ teacher makes a habit of inviting young earth creationists to his schools, anti-gay leader’s wife leaves him for a woman, ebola vs. other diseases vs. anti-vaxxers, preacher sends 4,000 bottles of holy water to help ‘fight’ ebola, a corrections officer threatens an Alabama atheist with death, Shark Week is some serious bullshit, a woman defends her goblin from murder (seriously), and Ken Ham discriminates against potential employees.

-Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Felipe Martinez, Amanda Stephens.

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