#44: Sin Supernova

Jay got hate mail! A metric ton of hate mail! Yay! We discuss the refugee crisis on the South Texas border and how Atheist Airwaves helped out last weekend, a British right winger threatens his allegedly gay dog, god allegedly tells a woman to let him drive and Jesus promptly runs over a motorcyclist, children from religious homes have a harder time distinguishing fact from fiction than secular children, the IRS agrees to start enforcing rules against preachers endorsing political candidates, CNBC beats up a climate change denier, Orthodox Jews annex parts of cities with string (we recommend hula hoops), Christians don’t think their politics lines up with what Jesus would do, Ken Ham says there are no aliens so stop our space program but even if there were they’re going to hell so who cares??, and a pro-life nurse sues for not being considered for a job that she says she wouldn’t do if she were hired to do it.  Truly she has a dizzying intellect.

-Jay Guerrero, Christian Ferris, Reb Spence, Susan Turpin.

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