Monthly Archive: February 2016


#126: Deadpool and The Nudes

A Texas pastor gives an invocation before the San Antonio city council and says that non-christians work for the devil, we have a very respectful moment of silence for the late Supreme Court Justice...


#125: Nerf Dildo Bullets

An Arizona pastor explains to a cop that State laws don’t apply to him because bible, Michigan (continues) to outlaw anal and oral sex, an atheist Arizona legislator out-maneuvers Christian bigots, the CDC faces...


#124: Chucky in Thailand

A Texas pastor asks god to smite UFC fighter Conor McGregor, the City Council of Phoenix is calling emergency meetings to try to block Satanists from delivering invocation prayers while a state representative tries...


#123: High-G Orgasm Experience

Carly Fiorina tells an atheist that atheists aren’t being harmed by Christians but Christians are totally being coerced into not practicing their religion.. totally, the pope has decided that priests can now kiss women’s...


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