Monthly Archive: November 2015


#114: Boobs and Beheadings

Subscribe to our audio podcast with most podcatchers including: Stitcher iTunes Candace Cameron Bure crashes and burns trying to defend creationism, Catholic Bishops get together to condemn pornography, a Florida public high school coach...


#113: The More THEY Know

A local Corpus Christi Atheist submits a complaint to the FFRF about a local library’s promotion of Christianity, Christians in Port Neches, TX rally to keep a ginormous cross on government land and rip...


#112: Literal Heads Exploding

We discuss Starbucks’ new war on Christians, the Colorado Mayor who defended their Ten Commandments monument apparently forgets the ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ bit, a study finds that religious children are less generous than...


#111: The Abortion Tram

Christians go nuts when the Satanic Temple appears at a high school football game, Texas Christians try to intimidate a new non-Christian church opening in their town, a student claims a teacher taught their...


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