Monthly Archive: October 2015


#110: Genocide Flavored Kool Aid

(Apologies for the crackling in the middle – it stops) Bernie Sanders dodges the “do you believe in god” question, Catholic Bishops admit they don’t know a thing about having sex (with adult women),...


#109: Death Panel Ministries

Christian parents are arrested after a church counseling session lands one of their sons in the hospital and another in the morgue, Tennessee evangelicals demand a new law forbidding the teaching of religious doctrine...


#108: Creepy Felon Farmer Fetish

Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco joins us to talk about his experience utilizing the technique to have more productive and honest conversations with believers, the Pope calls people who don’t want priests molesting their children...


#107: Tiny Little Bastards

Christians in Prosper County, Texas are kind of a-holes, we put the women’s razors debate to bed, a gunman in Oregon DID NOT target Christians for execution, New Zealand says no to Jedis, Christians...


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