Monthly Archive: September 2015


#106: Women’s Razors SUCK!

A teacher forces left-handed students to use their right hands because the devil is left handed, a listener corrects our woeful legal analysis, the Pope visits the US amidst the collapse of his church,...


#105: Snip and Suck

It’s our two year anniversary! Sara Keefer and Jay Guerrero join us on the show again to celebrate – and Jay manages to say enough offensive things that I can’t bleep or edit out....


#104: #PrayForF*cks

A Muslim flight attendant is suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to customers, Mike Huckabee doesn’t understand how the laws in the United States work despite wanting to be President, a Pittsburgh school removes...


#103: FFRF BFF

Rick Perry calls on Christians to fight and die (presumably to oppose rights for gay people), a Texas county has a religious and political test for all hires, a Tennessee man murders his wife...


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