Monthly Archive: June 2015


#92: Dead Baby Noises

Fox News reports that the racist shooting in Charleston, SC was an attack on faith (of course), the woman who led to the shooter being caught says god used her as a tool, Alan...


#91: Chris Johnson – He Has a Degree Dammit!

Subscribe via iTunes! Chris Johnson, director and photographer of “A Better Life” the film and the book joins us for a conversation. We also discuss a Christian losing her scholarship to a public university...


#90: Kinky Science

Glenn Beck has 17,000 priests willing to die to stop teh gays, the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court upholds Raif Badawi’s sentence, members of parliament in Europe charge that governments are ignoring discrimination against Christians,...


#89: A Christian Army of Adopted Babies

We discuss American Atheists’ Dave Silverman appearance on Fox News to discuss Christian bigotry, Christians adopting children to swell their ranks, young people today are the least religious generation in the history of this...


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