Monthly Archive: May 2015


#88: We’re All Adults Here

An anti-gay priest who told a 17 year old to kill himself for being gay is exposed as a gay hypocrite through his interactions on Grindr, Quiverfull Christian Josh Duggar admits to molesting young...


#87: Solomon Has Never Touched Boobs

Gavin McInnes explains in less than a sentence why so many seemingly unrelated issues are also atheist issues, a listener writes in about dealing with difficult professors, an update to the Christian opera being...


#86: Laughing At Labia

A professor fails a Christian student for allegedly refusing to conform to his godless beliefs, a study finds that Christians may dislike atheists because they remind them that they are going to die, a...


#85: Pinky & The Brain Terrorists

A California megachurch takes over their local public school board, terrorists attack a Muhammed cartoon contest event in Texas, an Australia boy dies as a result of alternative medical treatment that you just won’t...


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