Monthly Archive: March 2015


#79: Homoerotic Jesus

This week we talk about how Jesus is causing a mega-drought in California and how you and a (small) number of your buddies can protect yourself from it, school children are banned from viewing...


#78: Sexorcism!

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore explains that he’s not a bigot because gay people don’t share a skin color, Oklahoma’s legislature passes a bill restricting marriage to people of faith, a Texas public school...


#77: Thou Shalt Not Quote Turpin

Jimmy Kimmel Live! does a vaccination PSA, Ben Carson ‘proves’ homosexuality is a choice, a man who headbutted his plate while praying at Applebee’s can’t sue, the US Department of Justice hired an Imam...


#76: It’s Christian Season!

We discuss listener mail regarding religion in government hospitals and LGBTQ equality, Ben Carson says science is propaganda that can only be defeated by religion, a majority of Republicans want to obliterate the Bill...


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