Monthly Archive: February 2015


#75: Kid Tested, Crackpot Approved

Author and blogger Greta Christina joins us to discuss her new book “Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing To Do With God”, we discuss the first legal gay marriage in Texas and the...


#74: Kansas – Hell Yeah!

We discuss Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s inability to answer whether or not he accepts evolution, we discuss the three muslim students who were slain by an atheist in North Carolina, a Montana Republican tries...


#73: Jay’s Measles Party

We discuss measles, measles and more measles, the AHA loses their bid to get rid of ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance, Ken ‘Ol Kev’ Ham sues the state of Kentucky over being...


#72: We Can’t Be Friends

Daniel Moran joins us to discuss his campaign for Texas State Representative as an open atheist and his upcoming appearance at the Texas Secular Convention. We also discuss Christine Weick crashing a Muslim gathering...


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