Monthly Archive: December 2014


#67: Rainbow Hitler

NBC does a story on the power of prayer, people thank god for killing hundreds while sparing them, a listener calls in to discuss the militarization of police and the policization of the military,...


#66: Vasectomy Money Shot

Reverend Franklin Graham encourages children to choose beheading over conversion, we recap our opinions on the police vs. military story from last week, our response to listener email about vasectomies, Bill O’Reilly declares victory in...


#65: Cultist Hipsters

A random Christian stumbles into our chatroom and straight onto the show to discuss why we’re atheists and why he’s a Christian, The Daily Show hits Dan Barker and the Freedom From Religion Foundation,...


#64: Establishment Claw

Bill Donahue explains why atheists are completely insane, an American teacher is assassinated by ISIS, ebola fears bring female genital mutilation to a stand still in Sierra Leone, the pastor who helped craft the Uganda Kill...


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