Monthly Archive: May 2014


#35: A Dime Bag of Jesus

Ron Reagan is┬ádoing commercials for the Freedom From Religion Foundation during The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I KNOW that Stephen Colbert is a Catholic and a Sunday School teacher – THANK YOU...


#34: Waterboarding Babies

John Oliver takes on climate change deniers, Roanoke County Virginia says non-Christians are not welcome, a Florida man wants to give a Satanic prayer at his town council meeting, a teenager is thrown out...


#33: Green Sex Hulk

Our own Jeff Grime was interviewed on local news about the Supreme Court ruling on government sponsored prayer, Alabama’s Chief Justice claims the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is for Christians only,...


#32: Persecution Porn

Coming out as as atheist, a professor goes nuts on campus preachers, Oklahoma’s “Totally Not Proselytizing” Bible class totally is, Virginia Christians are starving themselves to death over gay marriage – or not, North...


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