Monthly Archive: April 2014


Atheist Airwaves #29: Hydraulic Kegels

Tanner Campbell of The No God Cast Podcast and Secular.FM is our special guest.  We also talk about a history revisionist pushing his Gay Super Soldier theory, Pastor Hagee of San Antonio MegaChurch fame...


Atheist Airwaves #28: Leave It To Beaver Porn

Dare Greatly from our chatroom joins us in-studio to talk about her experience with religious pressure in prison after being caught transporting Mexicans into Texas.  We also discuss Kate Mulgrew, Laurence Krauss and Michio...


Atheist Airwaves #27: Empire v. Jedi

Louis CK addresses atheism on Saturday Night Live, Atheists distribute books at an elementary school, a Maryland County official demands to go to jail rather than stop praying at government meetings, everyone hates Bill...


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