Monthly Archive: March 2014


Atheist Airwaves #26: Schrodinger’s Vader

Kevin Sorbo hates Bill Maher, most people think that religion is necessary to be moral, a lot of Cosmos news, Gravitation Waves announcement proof of god?, Purity Balls, Women’s issues, Pope Francis goes on...


Atheist Airwaves #25: Satanpalooza

Interview with Raul Antony, Priest with the Church of Satan. ┬áPlus, Fred Phelps is DEAD, Stephanie will stab you if you take NASCAR too seriously, and it’s DAMN hard to tell the difference between...


Atheist Airwaves #24: Porn Demons

Apologies for the delay in releasing the recording on this one and huge thanks to Leslie Sessions for saving the day by reconstituting the audio from 2,000+ out of order audio files! She is...


Atheist Airwaves #23: Necro Clepto

Masturbation and sodomy will “silence the church forever” – DO YOUR PART! Neil deGrasse Tyson comes to Corpus Christi, Muslims issue a fatwa on going to Mars, a Pastor orders women in his church...


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