Monthly Archive: February 2014


Atheist Airwaves #22: +3 Bible Armor

Christian and Sara interviewed about the Pope on local television, Podcast-a-Thon wrap up, Pisgah High School SSA group folds after threats and harrassment, son of dead snake handler says he’ll die the same way,...


Atheist Airwaves: Jessica Ahlquist

Atheist Airwaves rode shotgun for part of the Secular.Fm 24 hour Podcast-A-Thon Рin Part 1 we talked with Jessica Ahlquist Listen to all of the secular programs on the network here: Setup a...


Atheist Airwaves #21: Smoking Math

Stephen Fry takes down Uganda’s ‘Minister of Ethics and Integrity’, we SORT OF got hate mail, no – your thoughts DO NOT change physical objects, another snake handling pastor dies – guess how, Bill...


Atheist Airwaves #20: Apply Luge Liberally

Clitoraid! Plus, British hospitals now required to report genital mutilation, a Saudi university let’s a woman die rather than allow male paramedics on campus, a hospital tells an atheist couple that they shouldn’t procreate,...


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