Monthly Archive: October 2013


Atheist Airwaves #5: OSHA!

Halloween Episode! Christian Ferris, Arturo Alfaro, Petey Alfaro, and Suzi Twitty discuss common superstitions, magic vaginas, and more.


Atheist Airwaves #4: Noooo!

Suzi Twitty, Arturo Alfaro, Christian Ferris and Mark Mathias discuss textbook companies refusing to buckle under pressure from the TX State Board of Education, Pat Robertson is NOT a doctor or a dietician, demon...


Atheist Airwaves #3: Homeo Schooling

Petey Alfaro, Jay Guerrero, Sara Keefer, and Justin Quintanilla talk about Oprah’s thought that if you think the world is beautiful you aren’t an atheist, Glenn Beck encourages parents to abuse their children for...


Atheist Airwaves #2: Booga Booga

Joshua Byerly, Christian Ferris, Leslie Sessions and Amanda Stephens talk about dating believers, college students abandoning religion, why Mother Theresa sucks, fun moments in weird Pope history, the psychic arrested and convicted for fraud,...


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