#196: Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane w/Matt Dillahunty

If you would like to donate to atheist Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in South Texas please visit: www.bitly.com/ccaharvey


-If you donate $30 or more you will receive a page from the Fucking Awesome Coloring Book colored by hosts of Atheist Airwaves and a short note of thanks.

-If you donate $50 or more you will receive a picture of either Heather or Petey’s boobs – your choice.

-If you donate $100 or more you will receive a picture of Reb’s hairy man boobs.

-For a $200 donation you will receive a video of Heather waxing your name or the obscenity of your choice into Christian’s chest hair. There’s only so much chest there so first come, first served.

-Want to get creative..? We have a price – seriously… whatever you want.

Once you’ve made your donation, email Christian.Ferris@gmail.com and let me know what reward you want and sit back knowing you’ve done a good deed and you’ll be rewarded in the most vile way possible. We love you Chathole Degenerates!

THANK YOU again to the people who will most likely regret their involvement in this whole seedy thing xoxo:

– Matt Dillahunty, The Atheist Experience and Atheist Debates

– Anthony Magnabosco, Youtube, Twitter

– Deb Bienen, Freethinkers of Central Texas (FACT)

– Ishmael Brown, Flo Gladney, Angry Black Rant

– Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist

– East Texas Freethinkers, Meetup

– Jeff Preberg, The Normalize Atheism Campaign

– Leslie Byerly, Christian Ferris, Heather Schafer, Reb Spence.

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