#168: Vanilla Bean Frap Patriarchal Tools

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  1. Cameron Reilly says:

    Hi folks!

    Loved the show! Especially as I’ve been to Jordan in Utah (my wife is an ex-Mormon). As an Aussie, I have to tell you – visiting Utah is a very weird experience.

    I wanted to make you aware of a project I’m working on – a secular documentary about the history of Jesus and early Christianity called “Inventing The Messiah”. The plan is to interview a range of scholars, some believers (for balance) and some non-believers, about what we actually know about the first hundred or so years of the church, purely from a secular historical perspective. I’m hoping it will be a useful entry for folks who have never ventured into reading books by guys like Robert M Price and Bart Ehrman. We’ll be exploring the historical evidence (or lack thereof) for Jesus and all of the different versions of Christianity that were around for the first few hundred years that had very different beliefs than what we today think of as mainstream Christianity.

    I’ve spent the last few years making a living producing a few different series of history podcasts that go deep on facts but are also funny and entertaining (lifeofcaesar.com, alexanderthegreat.life, acoldwar.com, napoleonbonapartepodcast.com) and have a decent audience.

    At the moment we’ve raised about half of the funding we need and we’ve just launched a Kickstarter to try to raise the balance: http://kck.st/2k7z30d

    So if you’re interested, I’d love to come on your show to talk a little about the historicity of early Christianity which, speaking as a lifelong atheist and history nerd, is a fascinating story.

    Cameron Reilly
    Deep Dive Productions

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